Use multiple automation lanes in Ableton Live.

When using Ableton Live do you use multiple automation lanes per track? No? Well you should because it gives you a clear overall image of every automated parameter. It also allows for super fast envelope curve copy/pasting.

In the screenshot above (click it to view full size) I have some vocals recorded on Track One. Next, I added Ableton’s Reverb and Beat Repeat plug-ins. I am automating three parameters: Reverb Dry/Wet, Reverb Freeze On/Off and the Beat Repeat’s Grid Value. Before Live 7 when multiple automation lane’s were not available there would be no way to see all the automation at the same time. You would have to click the Device Chooser (top red arrow) to pick an inserted plug-in then click the Control Chooser (other red arrow)  it to pick the automated parameter’s envelope to view or edit it. This was a tedious process if you were editing multiple automation envelopes. Today all you need to do it click the small “+” next to any automation envelope (blue arrow) to open it in it’s own lane.

Each automated parameter can be shown in its own automation lane. Automation lanes can be reordered via drag and drop. –

The best reason to expand your automation into seperate lanes beyond the main track is you can copy and paste without accidental grabbing the track audio too. The faded blue circle shows how I simply copy/pasted a dive in Beat Repeat’s Grid Value a using Command-C and Command-V. Now you can go beserk with automation!

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