application for the iPhone.

Here’s a nice and short video review of for the iPhone from I truly hate AM/FM radio so these new net radio apps that go with you via iPhone are just plain incredible. No more getting stuck in traffic and having to hear the same commercial repeated 50 times! Sorry radio you guys have been torturing us long enough now go to your grave please.

Here’s another tidbit concerning cars and the net: Chrysler in-car internet coming Aug. 25th, pricing revealed.

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  1. I would hardly call “The Definitive Source for iPhone App Reviews” considering that (at the time of this post) there are only 32 reviews on the site with many categories containing zero reviews… I believe that is the real “definitive source”.

  2. This is a US-only application. It would save a lot of time if reviews/notes about software would point out such limitations.

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