D16 Fazortan ready and armed.

D16’s newest plug-in Fazortan has come out of beta. It’s part of their Silver Collection. I use Phaser effects to make pads and string sounds shimmer. Want to see over 80 photos of vintage Phaser pedals? Head over to PedalHeaven the online guitar effects museum: click here

Have you ever wondered where does that unique magical breeze so audible in most of Jean Michael Jarre’s tunes come from. Suprisingly the backbone here isn’t the synth itself but the effect unit coupled with the synthesizer, saying more precisely – analog phaser of which our Fazortan seems to be a fine equivalent.

Therefore You can think about Fazortan as of the exact copy of a retro phaser taken out from 70’s and redone to become a virtual unit. – D16.pl

I installed Fazortan and can happily report it sounds nice and doesn’t crash or anything weird. I recorded some audio samples of Fazortan inserted over a simple Sawtooth wave from Fabfilter Twin and a TR-808 loop. My examples have the LFOs going a bit more crazy, tremoling than you probably would use them. In fact, I recommend going to D16’s Fazortan page to hear a more conventional use of a Phaser (it’s hard for me to be subtle!). The player will load each sample in succession. The first sample is the loop 100% dry, no effect:

Download the 24bit WAVs here: Fazortan_Examples.zip

There is a fully working demo and more audio samples over at: D16.pl

photo credit: ted.sali

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2 thoughts on “D16 Fazortan ready and armed.”

  1. Thanks for the non-subtle samples! I find, much of the time, that I have to hear something at “11”, or, as far out there as it’ll go, before I really understand it … So, if I’m adding an effect to see how it sounds, I’ll push it 100% so it just ruins the original sound, and then pull it back from there – I find it really helps me understand what’s happening.

  2. yeh must get this soon – Devastor is SO useable and never sounds ‘jagged’ to me – always sounds kinda creamy/springy/round (emm thats best how I can describe it)

    those examples sound very nice and ‘liquidy’ – the second one sounds like a Jew’s Harp

    and yeh thanks for ‘overdoing’ it, I dont know whether Im a philistine or just half deaf at this stage in my life, but I always find it hard to hear things like ‘subtle reverbs’ etc…

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