Izotope enters the iPhone music app game.

iDrum for iPhone from Art Gillespie on Vimeo.

iZotope kicked Beatmaker’s ass” was the title of a forum thread at Ableton.com by user beats me that made me click and read further. After I watched the video above I think beats me may be right at least as far as usability and interface are concerned. I’m a superfan of Izotope Ozone and Trash and this new iPhone app sure looks like fun.

The most interesting thing here is the interface. The way you move from loop to sequencer, pattern edit, then pattern record is all well thought out and how can I put this? Fun and swooshy!

For more info head to Izotope’s iDrum for iPhone page:

Do any of you guys have an iPhone and music apps yet?


  1. I have iDrum and Beatmaker and they are complementary.

    With iDrum you cannot add your own sounds and samples but the latency is better than Beatmaker. Its build for “live act” and for fun.
    Beatmaker is more like a little “rebirth” with a taste of “Fruity Loops”.
    I have tested them while mixing, it can replace a little MPC or something like that… for adding loops, strange sounds, etc… it does a great job.
    On 08/25 Noise.IO will be out, its a small synth fir iphone/touch : http://noise.io It llok like a Kaoss pad… waiting for more videos to see what you can really do with it.


  2. oh i forgot… iDrum is great for people who have synesthesia ! You can assign sounds from the “sound bank” to the coloured pads etc…


  3. Thanks for the report Marc. Do you think you will make some full songs solely on the iPhone? I need to get an iPhone soon (currently stuck in another carrier’s contract!)


  4. I dont think so… but why not ! The problem with iDrum is that you have to work with preloaded sounds and you cant add some more and there is no effect so you have to be incredibly creative :D But iDrum is great for working a bassline, a melody or your creativity, like Mc Gyver. The sound bank is quite big so with some imagination you can work with gabber, d’n’b, minimal, … sounds on the same project/pad/pattern and create a nu-nu-nu-detroit-ebm-electro-wave-dark-pop style of music.

    On the other side with beatmaker you can make a full song with your own pre-uploaded sounds. But still slower than on a computer with dedicated soft.

    In my mind those apps are made for small “live acts” and for working your song’s ideas wherever you are. Its also great for a mini “rave” in a park if you dont want to bring your MC505…

    ANyway it really worth the cost and thats really fun to play with your fingers on a small surface !


  5. to correct some incorrectness.

    you can sync idrum for the iphone with the desktop version of idrum as well as upload your own samples.

    check it here:



  6. Thank you Jo3.14 !!!

    Good news ! I will test this new feature asap.


  7. crap, I missed the izotope app in my iPhone music app list here: http://www.garagespin.com/archives/iphone-apps-19-music-software-iphone-applications-and-hacks.html

    I’ll add it soon….thanks!


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