Adjust volume automation using Utility.

Here’s a quick tip that may save you time and a headache. Most of the time when I am arranging in Ableton Live I create a large amount of volume automation. When I get to the final mixdown stage I watch the mixer in Session View to see if any channel is too loud or soft. Often a channel that needs an overall adjustment contains large amounts of volume automation envelope breakpoints. Instead of selecting all the automation envelope breakpoints and lowering them I add the Utility plug-in at the end of the channels device chain and lower the gain a few db.

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Utility is found in the Live Device Browser in the Audio Effects folder. It can also help you with Phase issues, add or remove Stereo imaging and apply DC offset filter.

Happy mixing!

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5 thoughts on “Adjust volume automation using Utility.”

  1. wow that is very, very, VERY useful. – It’s a pain selecting all the anchor points, and my slight amound of OCD means that I keep on getting paranoid that I may have accidentally moved a point while selecting it, so I go back and start again. – I think I’ll be adding this utility thing to my main tracks in my default Ableton template right away :)

  2. Alternatively use automation on a the gain control of a utility plug, that way you can still mix with the main channel fader, which is useful when using session mode and level balancing.

  3. Yo yo, great tip man. I have an rss feed of your blog and I love it. You are very good at Live, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone.


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