Audiotuts 50+ Great Lyric Writing Resources.

Before the internet I relied on my monthly magazine subscriptions to get a fix of the topics that interested me. Every blue moon a tidbit of music tech would appear on television but I was starving for more. Today there is so much great information I can’t possibly read or process it all. It seems there is a new website full of content tailored just for me created everyday. Today I found Audiotuts which is another musician’s resource site which has many numbered list style posts (fun to read, easy to scan). They have multiple contributors to their site and today Joel Falconer posted 50+ Great Lyric Writing Resources.

Want to get started writing your own lyrics? There’s a long way between the beginner’s “violets are red” debut and award-winning wordsmithing, so here’s a bunch of great resources to help get you on your way. Includes tools, how to guides, communities, recommended books and sources of inspiration. –

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