Free Roland TR-727 samples from Kent Williams.

Over at the Ableton forums Kent Williams has posted a link to a nice set of Roland TR-727 samples he recorded using four different methods. I own a TR-707 and love it’s sound and design. It’s quite a lot of fun flicking the little mixer’s channels up and down.

The TR-727 is, of course, the ‘Latin’ version of the TR-707 — same hardware, but Latin percussion samples instead of a trap set.

Many sample sets have been made of the TR-727, starting with the ‘Music Machines’ set at, which is nearly 10 years old, and 16-bit only. see

I was inspired to do this set by the guys at Goldbaby — — who have done some obsessively loving sampling jobs on many old drum boxes, through a wide variety of gear.

I don’t have as snazzy a studio as GoldBaby but I think I’ve done pretty well with what I’ve got. – Kent Williams

His recording method is included in the readme.txt file that accompaniments the sample pack. To download click here:

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One thought on “Free Roland TR-727 samples from Kent Williams.”

  1. Cool stuff – I want to get a 727 cos I think they look very cool :)

    If anyone is interested, I have made a Refill (and obviously have the .wav’s too) of my 707 I recently got, I made ‘plain’ versions which were just it input through my mic input on my PC (I may have slightly changed volumes but that’s it), then I made some other sets going through various plugins (mainly Devastor, TC Electronics distortions and some other stuff). I don’t have anywhere to host em but I can send them if anyone wants them.

    I’ll check out the 727 pack now :)

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