The top ten 1980′s New Romantic bands.

Real analog synthesizers, hairspray and makeup. What more do you want? If I had a time machine I would spend a few hundred years in the 1980s.

via Best Free Documentaries

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6 Responses to “The top ten 1980′s New Romantic bands.”

  1. Kent Sandvik says:

    I was very much influenced by this music in the early 80ies. Still miss those days, the revolution with synths and pop tunes…

  2. GaryG says:

    someone pointed out this gem on KVR a few weeks back: Boulevard Noir.

    Never heard of them previously, maybe the absolute epitomy of New Romantic videos. :)

  3. raytrace says:

    wow Ghosts by Japan is incredible IMO, that noise at the start sounds bit crushed, although I presume its just a very old sampler being used or something, and I never heard that Spandau Ballet song they show (the one with the speech at the start), that has a real energetic synth line imo, almost ravey in spirit) :)

    Boy George O’Dowd can be a bit of a pain though eheh, funny at times though in an extremely bitchy kinda way :p

  4. Nice find sir. My favorite era of music bar none. Quiet Life by Japan is probably my favorite song from that genre. I wouldn’t have necessarily said that ABC or Culture Club were part of the new romantic movement though but an excellent video nonetheless.

  5. Max Vio says:

    Don´t forget Kate Bush;)

  6. A.E.C. says:

    “Quiet Life” by Japan; “White China” and “Vienna” by Ultravox; “Anyone Out There” and “Lonely In Your Nightmare” by Duran Duran; “Let Me Go” Heaven 17; “Change” by Tears for Fears; “Charlotte Sometimes” by The Cure

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