Moldover shows us how to mod an Oxygen 8.

By now we all have a bunch of old spare controllers lying around so why not hack the hell out of the them? Luckily Brooklyn native Moldover has posted this video showing us exactly how to do it. You need controller (duh), a screwdriver, some plastic, rubber, scissors, glue and a permanent marker. The marker is optional because it’s only to make things, “look cool”.

The hilarious thing is all he does is pull out some keys, glue rubber on the rest of them, draw on the case and assign controllers to stuff. I have to say this is completely stupid and awesome all at the same time!

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9 thoughts on “Moldover shows us how to mod an Oxygen 8.”

  1. I must agree that his “inventions” are stupid. Why tack on a bunch of plastic when you can just buy another controller and double your options? It’s not really cool because it’s no more custom than buying a mess of different controllers and putting them in one box as I have done with my setup. Custom is hiring a company to build YOUR controller. Most fans that I know want to see you moving around making different hardware (even if they are controllers) do different things. They are usually bored watching you stand behind one tiny little box and play a set. Have you seen Interpol’s rig? Fucking Christ!!!

  2. Yeah but there is a certain fun vibe to what he’s doing. I would rather see that crazy Oxygen 8 than a normal one. I think the video will spark a few to go some steps further. Watch his other videos… he does get good at tossing loops around.

  3. I saw Moldover perform this past winter (w/ Richard Lainhart– talk about a rig!) and found myself watching his hands the whole time, wondering what key was triggering what sound in Live. Solo laptop performances can be, I’ll say it, boring for the audience, and sometimes something simple, like an interesting controller, can help bridge that gap.

  4. I also believe that solo laptop performances are boring but I generally find performances with a limited amount of gear (i.e. just one controller) to be almost the same. IMO it’s a lot more fun to see someone jumping around between various hardware (controllers, drum machines, synths, cdj’s etc.). Maybe if Moldover had 3 or 4 “modded” controllers I’d be more impressed.

  5. nice idea with the software. but whats the deal? you can perform the sam stuff with the unmodded controller anyway. modding means doing something with it it wasnt supposed to… i do stuff like that in ableton a lot with my ox8 and i dont have to rip it apart :)

  6. he basically does the same thing that a shitload of other dj/producer/laptop people do, except that he rips some keys off his keyboard and calls himself a “controllerist.”

    shit, i’m gonna start caling myself an “awesomist” now!

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