Vocal manipulation with Ableton Simplers.

Vocal manipulation with Ableton Simplers. from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

There are thousands of ways to mangle audio in weird and wild sound. Here’s a screencast of a trick I sometimes put to work. Here is the end result (4 samples are loaded in this player):

Here is the original sample I used:

The technique uses multiple Ableton Simplers in a Device Group. If your an Ableton wizard you will know this stuff  but if your not a regular user of Simpler and Macros you will learn something.

Sample credit: Incarnadine


  1. Thanks, Oliver, wonderful tutorial!

    Btw, loading samples into Sampler opens up further sound design possibilities.


  2. nice tnx!
    …but take it easy with those mousecliks :)


  3. Click click! Growing up my father used get pissed at me for pushing buttons on the clicker non-stop.


  4. Click click! Cool demo but rather depressing with all the “death” playback. Thanks though!


  5. Thank you very much! Very inspirational!

    Actually, this inspired me to try the “tip & trick” on the puremagnetik site for using the Live 7 “slice to new midi track” feature to chop up a vocal sample. I recorded myself reading a short passage with a pause between word (to make it easier to identify individual words) and then set a warp marker at the start of each word. Next, I sliced to a new midi track with the setting “Create one slice per warp marker”. This filled up a drum rack with all the individual words, which gives me a lot to work with.


  6. GReat stuff, thanks for this tutorial

    Cheers from Argentina

    Hector Lopez


  7. Hi Oliver, thanks for the tutorial. I was trying to do this in both simpler AND sampler… but I couldn’t get the samples to play back for me! Could you help? Thank you.


  8. Sure Adrian… what exactly are you have trouble with?


  9. How do you get such a good bottom end in your mouse click? Are you using a HP filter and some Tube OD?

    JK, great tip, gotta try it out!


  10. You just made my day. Thank you.


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