10,000 MySpace friends and a surprise.

Last night I reached 10,000 friends on MySpace. I’ve never tried to hack the system or send a bot out to friend people. It’s true a large percent of those 10,000 maybe fake, spam or who knows but you can bet a whole bunch are real fans. First off I created a MySpace bulletin (blog post?) saying thanks and I really do mean it. Without an audience there is no artist or musician.

The surprise came when I logged in this morning and I got a message stating I could: Automatically Approve Friend Requests. So getting to 10,000 actually got me something cool. Who knew?!

I know a lot of people knock MySpace and there are plenty of competitors but I still use and love the site. There’s no better way to get an instant view of a band. MySpace is in talks with Amazon and the major labels creating a deal for a new MySpace Music store. They plan to launch in September and I think it could be big. Check out the article on TechCrunch: click here


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5 thoughts on “10,000 MySpace friends and a surprise.”

  1. Congrats man, that is a LOT of adds :)

    yeh i can understand why people get annoyed with MySpace, but the things which a lot of people get annoyed about are not necessarily MySpace’s fault per se.
    The yucky animated gif backgrounds and plethora of neon text on black backgrounds is the publics fault for choosing to use them, not myspace’s. I think the newer edit profile tools go a long way to making it possible to have a pretty good looking page. I especially like setting massive borders on the page eheh.
    And yeh it is still the one I would go to if I wanted to actually hear music as I browse it – although autoplay (and yes I am guilty of it too) can get a bit annoying when you open a load of tabs :p.

  2. Thank God! I hate that damn snocap store. It’s ugly, and it sucks, and NOBODY uses it unless you go out of your way to promote it, and even then, you’re so much better off just selling through iTunes and amazon.

    In other news, I think they added that auto accept feature a few months ago. I didn’t get it when I reached 10,000 friends (though that was years ago), I got it randomly. Either way, it’s very convenient.

    By the way, I love your blog!

  3. The problem is, the feature doesn’t work correctly. I took advantage of this feature awhile back thinking it would save me from having to check my profile as often. After awhile, I started getting emails from people wondering why their add requests had gone ignored. Within my MySpace account, everything appeared normal, so I was at a loss to explain it. Finally, after getting more complaints, I deactivated the feature and lo and behold, I had 300 pending friend requests going back for months that suddenly appeared. It would definitely be a cool feature if it worked correctly, but I am unfortunately back to the old way of doing things. I’ve got a number of friends who had the same problem, so I am relatively confident this wasn’t just an issue with my particular account. So be careful!

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