Why imeem is great. Crazy weird playlists!

Yes my friends, above is a playlist I found on imeem. It was posted by Attchort and it’s titled, “USSR 1980-1990’s”. I can see why imeem is so popular now! The past nights I’ve been spending more and more time there and I found a serious amount of great music.

I set up my own artist profile so if your signed up there feel free to friend me: www.imeem.com/thehorrorist I’m still setting up my profile so it’s sparse at the moment.

So what about your own music on imeem? Well if your a known independent artist chances are you will find some of your music on imeem in violation of your copyright. Fans have most likely have uploaded entire songs of yours. Don’t get upset as this is just a good sign people like you. So what to do? Imeem suggests register at imeem then head over to Snocap (who they now own), sign up there and register all your songs. Once all your music is registered at Snocap you can choose where Snocap allows your music to be sold. When I say “sold” in reference to imeem I mean paid a share of imeem’s ad revenue each time the full song has been streamed. I read the Snocap Terms of Service and it’s non-exclusive.

As a registed artist with SNOCAP, you can control which songs you want to be streamed at full-length to everyone on imeem. imeem uses a filtering technology to check whether you have permited full streaming for these songs. If you did not register your songs in SNOCAP, your song could be claimed by another artist/label or misidentified.

In our efforts to bring artists and labels access to new and innovative ways to promote, control, and earn more from their music, SNOCAP has partnered with imeem. Artists and labels who stream their music on imeem will earn income by sharing some of imeem’s advertising revenue.

The SNOCAP technology will automatically identify tracks uploaded by our users and determine if the artist/label of the song permitted the full stream.- Imeem.com

I would like some feedback if anyone is signed up with Snocap and/or is using imeem. I know Snocap has had a bad reputation in the past. I wonder if I am missing something in the TOS. I have yet to sign up myself and am looking for a bit more info. What do you think?

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Oliver Chesler

"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to: thehorrorist.com

7 thoughts on “Why imeem is great. Crazy weird playlists!”

  1. haha. how did you find that playlist? this week i’ve actually been surfing rare funk records on Youtube which i had no idea so many people were using for that.

  2. I don’t know much about Snowcap either… but I will say this… Be careful of sites that want to “manage your music IP rights”. I think some of them are out there to try and trap artists into contracts and skim control away from them.

    If anything I would prefer a site like Tunecore.com to manage my rights for me, I’m sure they’ll have a relationship soon enough with mySpace for retailing music. They’ve already hit most of the major sites, and are already adding sites like AmieStreet.com to their IP managing portfolio.

    I’d hold out before jumping in…. there’s too many ppl using Tunecore for that site to be ignored.

  3. Snocap can sell your tunes if you want, but the deal with respect to imeem is that imeem uses snocap to pay artists 50% of the advertising revenues that get generated by their music. I’m sure it’s not much, a fraction of a penny per play, but that’s a whole 50% more than the likes of myspace are paying artists.
    It’s enough that imeem have managed to convince the all major record labels to sign on.

    Someone has put together a great selection of Techno mixes on the site – you can listen to this for hour.

  4. Hi illectro. Thanks for the info and the great techno playlist (favorited). I like the Imeem set up… as with Last.fm it won’t amount to much (payment wise) but I am fairly consistent and do a lot of output so hopefully over the next next years it will amount to a small worth… if nothing else exposure for more live shows. My only fear as been signing up with Snocap. I have read the full TOS and I don’t see any reason to hold back…it’s purely their past reputation I am worried about.

  5. Yeah Imeem is quite fine! It’s part of the websites which contributed to the revolution in the musical world. However, my favourite one in that context is http://www.deezer.com/en which brought real free and legal music-on-demand! It’s quite great, and it has quite a huge catalogue right now! Check it out.

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