Chris Pirillo talks about lyric website Lyricsfly.

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Uber geek Chris Pirillo lives his life online. He’s talks about all things tech while streaming live video using Ustream. He names, tags and archives the best clips. This morning I noticed he posted a clip about a Lyrics website called Lyricsfly.

When you a hear a new song for the first time, you want to know all the words to it. How exactly do you find those words though? –

It’s true that most lyrics sites are full of pops up, spyware and crazy blinking adverts. He likes Lyricsfly because the ads are minimal, there are options to print or save the lyrics and they have an API.

Do you ever use a lyrics site? Which one?


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  1. That really is very useful, i usually have to just type the artist or song title in google with ‘lyrics’ at the end and hope for the best, usually you do end up in a spiral of online poker and the other usual shits popping up all over the place. They’re also often woefully inaccurate. lyrics fly looks like a good site, which will hopefully become the ‘wiki’ of lyrics, as discogs is of vinyl (ok and some cd’s ;) ).

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