Tenori-on on the iPhone.

Once upon a time devices did not have multi-touch interfaces. Technology is moving at a blistering rate. I hope when Apple releases the Macbook Touch or whatever they call it they license “Touch Me” by Samantha Fox for the TV commercials.

The video above is the PacklSound1 iPhone app.

via gizmodo

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3 Responses to “Tenori-on on the iPhone.”

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like a fun little app. Funny though, not a whole lot of multi-touching going on.

  2. waldek says:

    looks cool. next step ableton portable

  3. .albert says:

    Could be fun for playing with on the bus/ at the airport lounge, but it seems quite limited when compared with some other apps. I guess it’s only as good as whose using it though.

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