Which music related social networks do you use?

I’m curious if you keep and maintain public profiles for your music on social networks other than MySpace. Last.fm? Imeem? Bebo, Fairlitzer? What about Pandora or The Hype Machine? Do you upload your full songs so services can stream them without compensation? Is it worth the promotion to you?

I bring it up because yesterday I got pretty frustrated using the new Last.fm. Once accepted as a label you get access to a part of the site called the Music Manager. You can upload and manage your tracks there. After I uploaded a new release I added in the album cover. The album art showed up in the Music Manager. However, it never show up in the general public area on Last.fm. I tried about 10 times, re-uploading the same album cover. Eventually I hit the help forums. Sure enough this is a known problem. How could image uploading be broken for more than two weeks? How could they not disable the uploader or put a note on the page so I didn’t waste forty minutes on this crap?

Another other thing I really don’t like about Last.fm is that you don’t have any comment control on your own artist pages. People can log on and rail you and it’s there forever. They could at least implement a comment voting system so nasty comments get greyed out using Ajax or something.

What finally ended my session yesterday on Last.fm was the events section. I wanted to add in a few upcoming live shows I have. I head to: last.fm/music/The+Horrorist/+events because that’s where the shows for The Horrorist are listed. I search for a button that says “Add Event”. Nothing! Nada! After twenty minutes of searching I find the only place to add a new event is if I go to last.fm/events. How frustrating.

Maintaining a your image and uploading fresh content on every site is impossible. Which sites deserve attention? I will always keep my own website on my own server but clearly the hearts, minds and ears are in lots of places. Do you simply cover the sites which have the most users? No matter how lame they are?

If you go to Alexa.com you can enter in the a few sites and see a comparison of how many users each site has over a time period (thanks Vergel for the tip). You maybe surprised that for example Imeem has so many users. MySpace still trumps them all by far though.

As more sites start to pay royalties for streaming and incorparate there own download stores the lines between iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and the social network sites will become blurred.

Is your head starting to hurt too?

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9 thoughts on “Which music related social networks do you use?”

  1. Oh man I feel for you on that. I did read a lot of people complaining about that specifically. What a mess. It’s like they have 100 databases all doing different things at different times or something.

  2. i think imeem deserves attention and i talk about it a lot, but their embeddable players sometimes take upwards of ten seconds to show up on a site.

    and they have been flip-flopping on what style the player is which is beyond annoying.

    add to it that if the tunes aren’t embedded on another webpage, then users who aren’t logged in only hear 30 second snippets.

  3. @OS — this drives me insane! I share my “stage” name (Gavroche) with an artist in France, and we share a last.fm page. It’s really annoying cause his songs don’t sound at all like mine. While I was able to claim the last.fm page by putting my pics, info, song, etc on it, I can’t get rid of the other Gavroche’s stuff. This is REALLY annoying.

    When I first put my tracks online a few years ago, the go to place was obviously myspace — as the other sites either weren’t around or didn’t have traffic. But, things have changed, so I put my music on ilike and last.fm. For successful music distro and fan engagement today, the more sites you place your music on the better! So, why hold back? I have found that I get the most plays on myspace and last.fm, but not so much on Ilike. In terms of Pandora, I couldn’t get my music on there because I had to mail them a CD. THey wouldn’t accept mp3s through email/web. I was pretty shocked by this. They also required the CD to have bar code, which I didn’t have. So, no pandora for me!

    Hype Machine is a little different — its music discovery, but not like myspace, last.fm or ilike. You don’t upload your tracks to hype machine, but it aggregates songs from the various MP3 blogs around the web. This is an important differentiating factor to understand in web music promotion!

    Clearly Imeem is doing great, and I suspect this because they launched their service by stressing widgets. The playlist widgets are used by many sites, including pitchfork and the listening post, and so they’ve helped validate their name in the market and boost their traffic. Seemingly it was smart to build imeem from the outside in. Partnerships with major labels didn’t hurt either, I imagine.

  4. I agree the more places the better although each time you have a new release or info thats another thing to maintain/update across all sites. It’s not difficult but it does take a little time. I’m going to check out Imeem in detail this weekend. Thanks.

  5. Oliver, I’ve had the EXACT problem with images on Last.fm… I’ve uploaded all the tracks from my new single, and I’ve found it impossible to get the artwork associated with it. Same deal as you describe – it appears to upload, but never actually gets assigned to the release.

    In the meantime, thanks for reminding me I need to get over to some of these other networks and check them out. I’m notorious for not paying enough attention to the social networks that I’m on, except for maybe Twitter, where I just gave away 4 free promo downloads to anyone who messaged me there. Maybe I need to take that show over to one of the other services?

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