White Noise fun with The Covert Operators.

Ableton Live – Uses for White Noise from Andreas Wetterberg on Vimeo.

Andreas Wetterberg from The Covert Operators is always sharing wicked Ableton Live tricks. In the video above he shows you how to mangle white noise into something useful.

White noise is both annoying and useful. Here’s why. – Andreas Wetterberg

Watch how he maps the keyboard to the Note Value on the Ableton Resonator plug-in. Good one! Later he tosses together White Noise, Auto Filter, Compressor, Phaser and Autopan into a stew and comes out with some nice scratch effects.

By the way if your looking for a place to grab some white noise don’t forget my post, “Simply Noise. A website with a single purpose.“.

Be sure to check out all of The Covert Operators stuff: www.covops.org


  1. man isn’t vimeo the best? i felt like i was really in the session there ha.

    i noticed he used the auto-pan as a trance gate which you made a post about a while back.



  2. wow that is really nice I personally REALLY love that kind of warm dreamy pad sound

    the scratching at the end was great too – I have to say he really makes you wonder do you really NEED all those plugins?

    he gets so much great stuff out of abletons own plugins in all his tutorials…


  3. I’m with Raytrace — this *really* shows off the power of Ableton (when in capable hands of course).


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