Remembering hardware patch numbers is easy.

Here’s an obvious but useful tip that will work in any DAW. What if have an external hardware device that does not allow Program Change control? How will you remember what preset you were using for a specific song? Easy: Name the clip or channel the patch number.

I’ve been using this method with my new Jomox Mbase 01. As you see above the clip is named r31. One thrilling things about the Mbase 01 is how the massive kicks really pump any sidechains. Lately I will have more than just one channel being sidechained. When this is the case you can’t freeze or render the kick without after re-sidechaining everything to the new rendered kick. This is why I just keep the Jomox “live”.

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  1. Some gear requires you to “turn on” program change, like my sixtrak… and annoyingly in the first version of the RedSound DarkStar (you have to hold down a couple keys), unfortunately, that information was not in the manual and I had to email the company for the secret keycommands (sigh)…

  2. I do this all the time as well with all of my gear mainly because I like to avoid MIDI cables. I have one keyboard MIDI-ed for the occasional use of a plugin synth but otherwise either sync things manually or (more likely) play it live.

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