D16 announce Fazortan.

Get ready phasor freaks because D16 has announced thier new plug-in Fazortan. It’s the second release in thier “Silver Line” follow the wicked Devastor.

Have you ever wondered where does that unique magical breeze so audible in most of Jean Michael Jarre’s tunes come from. Suprisingly the backbone here isn’t the synth itself but the effect unit coupled with the synthesizer, saying more precisely – analog phaser of which our Fazortan seems to be a fine equivalent. Thanks to the analog modelling technique we were able to implement allpass filters comprising characteristics identical to its analog counterpart based on Operational Transconductance Amplifiers. – www.d16.pl

Fazortan is available for pre-order. 29€. PC/VST, Mac VST/AU. Audio samples are online: click here

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