Scratch. A documentary about scratching.

Another great music documentary has popped up on my favorite place I find my daily “TV” viewing aka Best Free Documentaries. This movie called “Scratch” chases down the origins of Hip Hop’s background sound.

Grand Wizard Theodore (the “Thomas Edison of the movement”) recalls the day, way back in 1975, when his grandmother told him to turn down the music he was making in front of his Bronx River Houses apartment. In order to hear her, he put his hand on the turntable, holding the record in place. As he moved his hand, slightly, a new sound rose up. And so, he smiles, scratching was born. – Best Free Documentaries

An interesting side note is that this video is one hour long and it’s on YouTube. They have started rolling out this feature for some film makers. Believe it or not my favorite Scratch track of all time is Reckless from Ice-T… seriously check it out: click here. Oh yeah and while your listening to it listen for the TB-303’s!

Have you put any Scratching into your own productions? Have you tried any of the various Scratch plug-ins?

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4 thoughts on “Scratch. A documentary about scratching.”

  1. Reckless is such an amazing track. This was Ice T’s peak! Music like this was my way into electronic sound as a kid growing up in the UK collecting every Street Sounds Electro album.

    But anyway this track really does stand out – I love all the reversed FX on the vocal and the edits.

  2. Hey…
    Could you list out a few scratch VST’s that you like?
    I don’t have a turntable, I just want to scratch samples in Ableton…
    It would REALLY be cool to get the scratch-monkey max/msp plugin…but that dude’s not returning my emails.

    I’ve tried a few, but I’d like to see your take on what is the best out there?

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