is a good place to learn a DAW and more.

About two years ago I learned the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator at Illustrator was one of those programs I owned that I always struggled with. The free tutorials I could find online in the usual spots really didn’t get me to a place where I felt like I knew the software. Frustrated, I asked a graphic designer friend do teach me what he knew and instead he bought me one month at Lynda. Within a week I was in a happy vector place. What does this have to do with an “all things pro-audio” weblog? Well as it happens Lynda also has courses from some pro-audio apps including Pro-Tools, Logic, Reason and Soundtrack Pro. I’m a big Ableton freak and I know Cubase inside and out. However, in a few weeks I’m going to be working with some new people and unfortunately they are Logic nerds. I can’t be in a room of computers and not take the helm sometimes so Lynda is getting me up to Logic speed. In fact I think by tomorrow night I may know more than the the guys who have been using the big L since it’s Emagic days.

Wow… I just read the above and it seems like an ad… so a disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in anyway with Lynda. I just really do think it’s a good resource. Almost all the courses have the first few lessons unlocked so go check some out!

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4 thoughts on “ is a good place to learn a DAW and more.”

  1. i concur. i was working on a mini-review of the Reason course but i didn’t get around to watching it all yet cause it’s a little boring if you’re good at using the program. but so far it looks very useful if you don’t know the program at all.

    they have great tutorials on all sorts of things in graphics and web but i find that they move really slowly. lynda and coffee go really well together.

    as a subscriber i’m always happy to see when they add stuff that’s relevant to me though, and that’s every few months which is cool.

  2. Thanks for this post! A few years ago I began a DIY voyage into ProTools, and Lynda would’ve been a great help! When I get around to learning Reason, I’m going to check it out!

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