Free Korg Legacy MDE-X Bank from Le Lotus Bleu.

How many of you own the Korg Legacy Collection? How often do you grab the little MDE-X effect processor it comes with? Not often? Well you should! I consistency find the MDE-X useful and it sounds great. It has 19 effects including compressors, limiters, overdrives, equalizers, a talking modulator, flangers, phasers, chorus, delays, reverbs and more. Even though the interface is small compared to other modern plug-ins if you spend a minute looking closely at most presets you will see they are quiet adjustable.

There is a new free bank of MDE-X presets available at Le Lotus Bleu.

You’ll find here 87 new patches for the Korg MDE-X Multi effect.

In this bank you’ll find:

Reverbs and delays patches designed to be used in an aux bus. Factory patches had none. Groovy delays to enhance your tracks. Dynamic patches templates where you can control Fx parameters in real time using Midi CC or velocity. Some standard Fx commonly used in studios (like Kraftwerk style drums). A comprehensive manual/helpware with the list of patches, a short description for each patc, as well as some tips and tricks about using and programming the Mde-x in various situations, including in a Daw like Cubase can also be found in the zip file.

To grab the free set and check out some of their other Korg Legacy presets for sale: click here By the way don’t forget to grab my free Korg Legacy MS20 set over at my record label’s studio page:

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5 thoughts on “Free Korg Legacy MDE-X Bank from Le Lotus Bleu.”

  1. About 3 hours ago I ordered the Digital Collection, a Nocturn, V-Station VST (for convenience I have a Xiosynth anyway) and a standard PCI UAD card (im out of PCI-E cos my bloody gfx card has a MASSIVE heatsink on it :s) from

    I’ve been meaning to get both Legacy’s for a long timeand unable to decide which to get first, but I really like the idea of the M1 for some reason, and reading Gordon Reid talking about the Wavestation would convince anyone (although he has said before it is pretty much his favourite synth anyway), yeh I cant wait to mess around with the effects too, altough it has to be said, if I could have still gotten the Analogue Collection with the lovely mini MS controller on it I would havem but twas not to be :( – I suppose Ill have to settled for the DS-10 when it comes out :D

    on a sidenote (and I know I’ve said this before) but if anyone knows of anyone with an Oasys PCI card for sale, I’d love to get one – I have a G3 running OS9 just waiting for it to be slotted in ;)

  2. thx for the help Ill have a look for the Yahoo Group – I keep missing em on eBay, I spose I should checking more persistently…

  3. The MDX is a real workhorse in my studio, one of the most under-rated all-in-one effects plugins IMO. The reverbs are nice and light too which i think is rare – they’re subtle and fit into the mix really well which is great for someone like me who’s never really happy with how reverbs sound. Nice find Oliver, thanks!

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