Listen to some pure Roland SH3 audio files.

I visit a great forum at to see what old toys people are using. There is a thread going on titled, “Roland SH-3 (not 3a) questions and value.” which I have been following. I own a Roland SH3 so I’m always curious to see how rare it actually is. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that Roland was sued by Moog over it’s filter design in the SH3 and shortly after released the SH3A.

Forum members have been contributing audio samples to see if there is a real difference between the 3 and 3A so I decided to upload a set for of my SH3 for everyone to check out. Each same is pure Roland SH3, no compressor or any effects. Recorded directly into a Motu 828 using Ableton Live. You can download the 24bit Wav files in a .zip or listen to the 320kpbs MP3s batch encoded using LAME and Techspansion’s great AudialHub.

The audio player will play each sample in succession:

You can download the high resolution Wavs by clicking here:

Roland SH3 by Oliver Chesler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You can also see some videos of the SH3 in action in my studio: click here

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10 thoughts on “Listen to some pure Roland SH3 audio files.”

  1. that is truly a beautiful synth acoustically and aesthetically IMO – althou to be honest I do love pretty much anything with that ‘spacey’ font from the 70’s on it :)

    the download link for the WAV’s doesnt seem to be working atm :s

  2. very nice indeed, I especially like 12, which I think sounds like an early 80’s top down view racing game…

    I have to say though, I know that obviously a synth is more than just its filter, but to me that doesnt sound that much like my MiniMOOG at all(although mine is admittedly in a state of disrepair) although it is being fixed atm.

  3. oh BTW i was just wondering, I looked at that CC unported license description, and does that mean that someone can use it as long as they put a link to it in the file, or does it have to be put on a website or something? – I mean is it enough to put it in the ID3 tag?

  4. Hi raytrace. The CC means you can use it as long as you just put somewhere a credit where it’s from… in the tag is fine. And if you want to make money with it then just make a request (which of course I would just say yes anyway!.. :))

  5. I C – thats cool :D

    when I eventually get the MiniMOOG back I’ll make some samples of some knob fiddling on it and upload em somewhere it does sound very nice

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