Igor hates the new iPhone. He really does.

Remember my post about “Webcam music and effect controllers” where I mention Seesmic? This morning I came across Igor and his message “I hate iPhone”. Considering I added an iPhone category to this blog I thought it relevant to show the other side of iPhone love… iPhone hate. Igor is hilarous but we all agree to some of his points I’m sure.

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4 Responses to “Igor hates the new iPhone. He really does.”

  1. Oh, that guy is so getting laid. What a charmer.

  2. Its easy for guys like that to get laid, they just got to say “I can get you greencard and/or papers”……of course they might need to be connected to the internet alot to do that so in actuality he might need an Iphone!

  3. he’s like Archie Bunker and Bob Moog.

  4. raytrace says:

    i want one NOW…

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