MySpace Mobile for the iPhone.

My friend Rich who happens to work at Apple Cupertino (yes I have friends in high places!) wants me to get an iPhone. He knows to appeal to my vanity so he sent me the screenshot you see here of my MySpace page on the iPhone. Once you install the free app you can do pretty much most of the things you can on the real site including send and receive messages, browse friends, bands, share photos and post bulletins.

However, all is not well with this application. You see my dear friends there is no Flash on the iPhone hence you can’t play videos or MUSIC. You can look at this with the half full or half empty mentality… The app is free and you can accept new friends and messages which is great. Or… What? It can’t play music? Isn’ this supposed to be a mobile MySpace? I suspect we will see an update when the Flash, Silverlight, SproutCore war settles down.

Get MySpace Mobile: click here

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2 thoughts on “MySpace Mobile for the iPhone.”

  1. haha. i wouldn’t expect anything less of these guys. i don’t think you’re missing anything to begin with because the mp3 players rarely work when i surf the site on my normal computer, forget mobile

  2. Ooh – this is great! If I knew what country I’d be living in in 12 months time I’d be getting some major iPhone lust!
    Being able to “maintain” your myspace accounts while out and about (or bored at a party/meeting) is certainly killer. Not to mention Google maps for trying to find venues in foreign cities… Mmm…

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