Sir Ken Robinson motivational speaker on music.

Every week I listen to Sonic State’s great pro-audio podcast Sonic TALK. I highly recommend it. This week they took off and in their place played a talk by Sir Ken Robinson. You really owe it to yourself to listen to this. I guarantee your going to like it a lot. He touches on divergent thinking, the singularity and why music is so important for our society and why it must be taught in schools.

As discussed in Sonic TALK 089, while I’m away we’re going to play the lecture recorded at the recent London International Music Show by Sir Ken Robinson. His main areas of focus are creativity and divergent thinking – which has a real bearing on how people use their intelligence. He’s a strong advocate of nurturing the maverick mind rather than suppressing – which is how he feels most education systems and corporate environments work. – Nick,

Sonic TALK -Sir Ken Robinson At LIMS: click here

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5 thoughts on “Sir Ken Robinson motivational speaker on music.”

  1. great. i’ll listen to it today at the beach. i have heard another his speech on really smart and funny guy!

  2. heh. beach in Jurmala, Latvia (Lettland). really hot here now, but it got cloudy today.
    Ken Robinson’s speech on was really inspiring when i worked as a teacher in elementary school. I’ll loved this one too. I’m thinking ill order one of his books.

  3. Latvia! I didn’t expect that answer. That’s great. Yes this talk has been stuck in my head the past few days. He really hits the nail on the head as far as pointing out we are well in the future… more than we realize! I love it!

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