Giving my ears a break from remixing Satronica.

I’m happiest when creating songs for fun. Music that doesn’t have to fit anyone’s expectations. Constantly those recordings are my best. Remixes fall in the “oh man why am I doing this” category. I really pull my hair out trying to bend someone else’s vision into my own. For the most part if a song is great to start with it won’t need a remix. Sure there are super rock or melodic songs that need to be made into club hits but most of the remixes I get offered are already electronic.

Today I’m remixing a guy named Satronica. He’s one of my good friends from New York. He’s working on an album for Lenny Dee’s Industrial Strength Records. The song titled “Revenge Plan” is vocal heavy. The way he sings is pretty weird, almost an Arab chant style. I’m still trying to figure out how to mash the vocals into a tight grid. I may end up cutting each word up and throwing it into Reason’s NN-XT.

Because the vocals are so strong I don’t feel the need to keep his original music so I fired up some new toys and here’s a clip of what’s on the machine today.Keep in mind it’s just the synths and basic beat at this point. Purely amateur time so far:

The kick is Jomox Mbase 01, the main synth is the Voice of Saturn being sidechained with the key using Ableton’s compressor, later I add in another two copies of the Voice of Saturn channel but detuned left and right. The lazer zap’s are from an Audiorealism ABL. The drum roll is D16’s Drumazon and Devastor also sidechained with the Mbase 01. The snare is loaded into Native Instrument’s Battery 3 and if from a freebee disc I got with Computer Music magazine a few years ago.

It’s not nearly where it will end up but I thought you’d like to check in on the process. Writing this post gave my ears a few minutes break.

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7 thoughts on “Giving my ears a break from remixing Satronica.”

  1. nice sound from the Saturn, im quite impressed because I thought it would only make TOTALLY mad/glitchy/noisey/unlistenable types of sounds, but that sounds very nice, reminds me of Mentasm/Dominator. I would say the kick is maybe a little too low and same for the snares (IMO), although as you said this is a very early version so you’ll probably turn em up eventually. Satronica stuff on their Myspace page is great I really like his remix of Last Caress too. Lenny Dee is teh awesome too, that song on one of the Thunderdome albums that sampled Fuckin Hostile was ace!

  2. PS I know what you mean about needing a break, sometimes my head just gets stuck in a rut, and cant seem to create anything I think is even half decent, and then on top of that as you try, it gets harder exponentially, because usually your frustration starts to be added to with the inevitable ear-fatigue. I think you just have to leave the PC/Mac for a while or even a day (OMG) when it gets to that stage or I usually play a console game or something which puts me back in the right mood.

  3. Hi Raytrace. Thanks for the comments. Yeah it is sounding Mentasm especially when three are together and they dip down. I agree about the kick although on my giant speakers its deep in an old school way but to make Matt happy I think I kick with more attack and snap is called for.

  4. Hi Oliver,

    I think it’s really good of you to share a bit of the working methods and progress so far on this project. Sometimes when working on a track I get real “funny” about it and won’t even let my girlfriend hear it until it’s almost totally finished. This can be rather frustrating as I dont want anyone to hear it until it’s perfect (in my eyes) but I also really want an opinion sometimes as to what I have created so far. I know it’s a pretty wierd complex to have haha!

    Anyway I agree with the above that if it’s for a Lenny dee project the kick should stand out quite a bit more. I am also loving the sound of the saturn but I am quite interested as to how you are going to tame it (compression etc??) in the mix because it is a very overpowering raw sound at the moment, but that gives lots to work with!

    Keep up the good work mate and good luck with this project!

  5. PPS – sorry I only just realised when I was trawling through discogs (looking up GTO, Technohead, John + Julie etc.) that I realised that the version of Fuckin Hostile that I remember is the ‘Disintegrator’ remix – which discogs tell me is you and John Selway :) – never realised that. I also never realised you were in Koenig Cylinder, I remember the 99 song from Technohead 1 – so yeh in reference to the old post about discogs being v useful etc. – there’s a perfect example :D

  6. Nice post.

    Very cool to see how a remix comes together from start to finish. So often, I hear a new remix and I try and imagine how it would have been put together based only on the finished product — this usually gets me nowhere.

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