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I’ve been trying to remember who the famous producer who said something to the effect, “Keep a fan on in your studio while mixing. The light background noise will aid you.”. If anyone knows who I’m talking about or the direct quote let me know. I never had that problem on my old Power PC Mac’s as the fans were always raging. Today though my Mac Pro is silent so here comes a website to help! Ridiculous? Yes. Cool? Kinda!

“The best free white noise generator on the net”. –

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6 thoughts on “Simply Noise. A website with a single purpose.”

  1. I think maybe it makes you try to make everything ‘stand out’ a little more maybe, although that could well end up with you having a very bright and sharp sounding mix imo.

    I made a white noise CD (70 minutes of looping white noise sampled from the Powercore 01) to try and make my baby daughter sleep, as it’s supposed to remind them of the sound of the womb(which is similar to the sound in a pool (or if you cup your hands over your ears))). It did seem to work, but it was a bit too intense for me so it kept me up lol, I should probably have used pink noise, its a little ‘softer’ I think. – Ive been meaning to make a newer one with a VERY slow LFO sweeping over it, would be relaxing I think.

  2. I always have some sort of unavoidable noise either slight from fans or major from construction or “after party goers” so I don’t need this website myself. Someday I want to move deep into the woods!

  3. I’ve found this website so helpful. I have a decent case of tinnitus (basically when your ears ring whenever it’s too quiet) and I go crazy when I’m studying for exams in the library. I put the brown/red noise on whenever I’m in the library and I’ve hooked all my friends on it. A lot of them use it to sleep too. Most of them don’t realize that it’s even on until I’ve closed the window to pack up.

    It’s fantastic.

    1. Don’t mention AC right now… last night it was 100% humidity in my new apt… no AC yet! Heading to PC Richards today! Thanks for the link… some interesting stuff there.

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