How can you not smile when you watch this?

“Hey can I be in it?” – the little sister

“Yeah you can dance.” – underneath0skin

“That’s like your basic techno beat right there.” – underneath0skin

Yes it is kid. Your already better than 90% of the fools out there. This brings back a lot of memories playing with the first bunch of music gear I got. My little brother and I used to rock out in the basement. There are cassette recordings of it all somewhere. Someday I’ll find them and be amazed.


  1. Ah…good times….


  2. underneath0skin July 10, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    haha… is this where all my views are coming from?


  3. Hi underneath0skin. Yes if you play with old drum machines your videos will end up here! Be warned your hobby will lead to a lifetime of button pushing!


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