Wire to the Ear Ohm Force OhmBoyz Screencast

Ohm Force OhmBoyz from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

Here is a screencast I put together showing a few features of Ohm Force’s wicked delay plug-in OhmBoyz. I really think OhmBoyz is the best delay I own. After watching the video I encourage you to head over to the Ohm Force website and download the demo.

This screencast covers: Installation, Presets, Multiple Knob Control, LFO, Automation and Sustained Loop.

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5 thoughts on “Wire to the Ear Ohm Force OhmBoyz Screencast”

  1. Ohmboys are cool, but you can’t beat the Audiodamage plugs either. Dubstation sounds frickin awesome.

  2. Just picked this plugin up before I saw your post on it. This is a wicked little delay. Also, just a note, anyone living in the US that is on Ohm Force’s mailing list, they are doing a 40% off sale on their plugs for US residence on their mailing list this week… so check your email.

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