Wire to the Ear Ohm Force OhmBoyz Screencast

Ohm Force OhmBoyz from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

Here is a screencast I put together showing a few features of Ohm Force’s wicked delay plug-in OhmBoyz. I really think OhmBoyz is the best delay I own. After watching the video I encourage you to head over to the Ohm Force website and download the demo.

This screencast covers: Installation, Presets, Multiple Knob Control, LFO, Automation and Sustained Loop.

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  1. Ohmboys are cool, but you can’t beat the Audiodamage plugs either. Dubstation sounds frickin awesome.


  2. Just picked this plugin up before I saw your post on it. This is a wicked little delay. Also, just a note, anyone living in the US that is on Ohm Force’s mailing list, they are doing a 40% off sale on their plugs for US residence on their mailing list this week… so check your email.


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