TinySong is like TinyURL for music.

A service I use often is TinyURL. It takes any long web address and makes a permanent short version of it. It’s very useful for a service like Twitter where each message you type is constrained to 140 characters. It’s also a nice thing to do when your emailing someone a URL from Expedia or Amazon where sometimes URLs can extend three or more lines long.

This morning I discovered tinySONG.com. You search for a song and then it gives you a small URL for it. When your friend clicks it the song opens at Grooveshark.com and plays. Here’s an example:

This one is dedicated to George Bush:

Of course this is a way for Grooveshark to get people using their music service but as you see there is no sign in or anything happening before your song plays so it’s an enjoyable experience.

As I type this blog post Im looking at the Grooveshark website and you know what? It’s an interesting site and music model. It seems tinySONG has worked in getting my eyes focused over there. As a user you can get credits for free music by making recommendations and has a label you can earn royalties. Have you used Grooveshark? What you think of it?

So go ahead… post some TinySong urls in the comments.

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One thought on “TinySong is like TinyURL for music.”

  1. The search engine is unfortunately not very thorough. Not a single song of interest came up, whereas the same search terms retrieved numerous results on similar websites and mp3 search engines. Not an altogether useless idea, but I’ll pass on this until they get the basics right, and even then, I’m not sure I see much use for a site like this. Why would anyone want to go to a website to stream a song or to? Nicer to use bigger sites like last.fm etc, and for long urls? Pft… use tiny url to link directly to an mp3 file.

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