Getting to the gig. The train is usually better.

I’m performing tonight in Frankfurt at the u60311. It’s a wicked club built inside a U-Bahn station. I played there in 2001 with Chris Liebing and it was quiet an experience. It was so packed that as soon as we starting playing the crowd pushed forward right onto the stage. We had to stop and wait for security to force everyone back then start again.

I have a general rule that if it takes four and a half hours or less to get to a gig by train (or car) thats a better choice than flying. In Germany the Die Bahn system is excellent. If you order your tickets a few weeks in advance you can get a “Spar Preise” aka savings price. In fact, the Spar Preise is usually much cheaper than airline tickets or car rental. I always go first class on the train. It’s not much of a cost difference (the promoters pay it anyway). You can request things like a small private cubby, non-smoking car and to be in the quiet zone. I say yes to all that because I like my sanity. You get leather seats, a power outlet, a table, waiter service a bathroom in every car (no waiting like on an airplane) and a view of Germany crusing by at over 200KPH.

photo credit: Fatty Tuna

Update: The show was great… photos are online: click here

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