More SoundCloud invites available.

Alex from SoundCloud noticed my recent post about their slick new music sharing site aimed at musicians. He read I was out of invites so he hit me up with another bunch to give out. So if you want one just click here:

(That link will stop working after the 50 new invites are used.)

To view the SoundCloud review: click here
Once your on SoundCloud feel free to friend me: thingstocome

See you in the cloud!

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10 Responses to “More SoundCloud invites available.”

  1. waldek says:

    will have a look

  2. Slaven says:

    Wow, slick, thanks!

  3. Simon Iddol says:

    oh boy, oh boy
    this is very kind from you both!!


  4. Mo says:

    Many thanks for the extra invites.

  5. cinnamonjuly says:

    Looks like they are all gone, it asks for a password?

  6. baphomet_irl says:

    Thanks very much for the extra invites :)

  7. Ling says:

    Care to place another 50 codes? It sounds like a really awesome site.

  8. Billy says:

    If anyone gets an extra invite, will they send it my way? billy (at)


  9. Hi Guys. I think that link is out of invites now. The best way to get in is sign up for the beta. Thats what I did and they got to me in just a few days. Good luck.

  10. dplex says:

    The site looks very promising. One issue I have with it is that I can find no posted policy regarding how SoundCloud can use your music. Does SoundCloud claim any right to commercial or promotional use of the music uploaded by its members?

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