MySpace 2.0 redesign and applications are here. has remained an important place for musicians. Sure there are thousands of places to discover new music but when I want to get a quick jist of what a band is like I head right to their MySpace page. The original MySpace design and platform has been around for a long time with barely any noticable changes. So what’s new?

If you ever used Facebook you understand the idea of Applications. These are small programs you can install into your own profile. They are designed by third party developers so there is a wide variety of apps available.

Games, photo slideshows, hooks into services like, polls, anything you can imagine adding to your profile is probably available. For the most part I find 95% of these apps useless but there are a few gems. For example Happy Flickr allows you to have your latest flickr photos displayed on your profile.

The site has also been redesigned and looks cleaner. Menus have been reorganized so you can get to your profile’s option easier.

There’s a spanking-new interface, heightened security, availability on mobile and instant-messaging services — and the ability to create categories of friends at work, school and family, among dozens of other new features.

“It cleans up the user experience,” says Dave McClure, a start-up adviser and angel investor in Silicon Valley. “It is a streamlined, easier-to-use version of MySpace.” –

MySpace said it had drastically overhauled the look and feel of its searches, which it said currently ranked third in total number of searches by any site.

It said it was working with Lucene Open-Source engine and community, marking the first time MySpace has contributed to the open-source community.

MySpace, with about 110 million users worldwide, claims to be the most trafficked website in the United States, adding that about 300,000 people sign up each day. –

Are there any MySpace applications you find useful? Is there one you want that does not exist yet?

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3 thoughts on “MySpace 2.0 redesign and applications are here.”

  1. man, those guys are something else. they went through the work of cleaning up their site, only to enter another round of destruction by adding annoying applications.

    they want to be like facebook, but they have no filter as to what features are good for them.

    the only feature they needed was an easy way for people to design their profiles, with restrictions to keep the site looking clean(ie no blinking flourescent text).

  2. FUCK ne myspace 2.0, its lame, its stupid, u cant do shit nomore…i hope myspace will delete itself soon or someone implent a virus into there fucking system, myspace 1.0 was top notch..2.0, lameeeee, some bullshit really

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