Did Coldplay steal this song? What do you think?

A guy named Andrew from the band Creaky Boards is making a claim that Coldplay ripped off his song. The song was then used in an iTunes commercial. This video has subtitles that explains the controversy.

So what do you think?

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20 thoughts on “Did Coldplay steal this song? What do you think?”

  1. Not even close. I’m no Coldplay fan but I just don’t hear a similarity. It stands to reason that with so many pop artists writing songs in the same key now for going on sixty years or more, there’s going to be a lot of this kind of thing.

  2. Really, this guy thinks he has a point? I’d say that if anything, he’s ripping off Chris Martin’s vocal style..

    Oh, and that mustache makes him look like a pedophile. Hipster doofus.

  3. I don’t hear it either. There’s a slight similarity, but there’s no way that they stole that song. I write songs that sound similar to other bands, but I think everyone does that. Writing songs in other styles is a big part of developing your music. Also, I think it’s bull that Chris Martin was at their concert. It just seems like a made up story.

  4. I actually DO hear the similarities. The note progression is the same and that of course leads to harmony/melody progression being the same. That said, there are only 8 whole notes (OK 7) from the C key to the C key… there is no way that similarities can be avoided.

    Tough call on this one.

  5. well if thats the case, sigur ros ripped me off a few years ago. when i made up a 3 note melody in my dorm room, and then later, it showed up on their record! i thought the icelandic were supposed to be humble!!!! the nerve!!!!!!!!!!
    this guy is full of it. his melody sounds like an old 60’s pop standard. whos ripping off whom?

    with that all said, many artists have said that they draw more than inspiration from those the like. im sure both musical acts would fancy one another….

  6. I think it’s highly possible Chris Martin was there and heard this song then basically nicked it. He was the first one to cry about not wanting to put out rubbish because the band were under pressure to produce another album. He must seek inspiration from somewhere. I do hear the similarities big time but I think cold play have done enough to cover their tracks in a musical sense. It was just the IDEA they were after, we’ve all been there with writers block at some stage. If I were creaky boards I’d take this as a complement really nothing else you can do. I heard about fat boy slim also scouring the net for young , unsigned talented producers posting demos of tracks etc and basically nick parts and use them , obviously changing enough to fit his style and distinguish them from the original. This is the sampling society music is now though really, u don’t think much about using samples in your music that have been created by someone else , or presets in a synth. So is sampling an IDEA in a creative sense wrong? I don’t know but if the pressure was on you to come up with the goods and you’d reached stalemate what would you do?

  7. the facts state martin wasnt at the show. the song was recorded before theirs.. creaky boards needs to understand that there is very little to see here…. also to the ears of a musician, these songs dont sound similar at all.

  8. as has been stated, the real problem is that the coldplay song has a generic form and a generic melody, as does the creaky boards song. they are but two of thousands, so get over it.

  9. It is the same melody over the same chords, but it doesn’t mean it was intentionally stolen. I think Creaky Boards stole the melody from Joe Satriani. The question is: Di coldplay steal from Creaky Boards or Satriani:

  10. @mark:

    saying that another coldplay song sounds like someone else’s doesn’t help your case that coldplay doesn’t rip off peoples songs.

  11. They totally did not steal the song. if you listen to the song that was above, it really doesn’t sound the same. i really tried to listen closely and only one line sound remotly close. i just think that these guys are making the whole thing up. coldplay has been famous for about ten years, and i don’t think they need to steel a song. if you listen to chris martin’s style, it is still the same in viva la vida, like some one said, they are copying them. plus, can they prove chris martin was there?… No. I also read some where else that coldplay can prove chris martin wasn’t there, and that they recorded the song earilier that year. if anything this other group’s just jelous.

  12. Coldplay have been in court more times than the queen. Stealing from “Where is my mind” by The Pixies really annoys me but they have done it twice since. It’s called cryptomnesia. You think you came up with something which you just remembered. Let’s not forget “He’s so fine” by The Shirelles which George Harrison “channelled” into “My sweet lord”. Note for note, which is why he had to settle.
    Got a good lawyer – steal away my friend, steal away.

  13. Seriously??
    Coldplay didn’t steal this song. He wasn’t at the “gig” as he was in recording studio, recording the song in March 2007. He was supposedly seen in October 2007. So basically you stole it off them. If I were you I would stop moaning about the past and how they’re a better or more well known band. Coming from my point of view, the videos are nothing the same.
    Stop moaning and go back to bed.

  14. Ha ha ha. NO.

    Chris wasn’t in the audience of your concert, I can feel a lie a mile away.

    You’re just jealous because Coldplay is better than you.

    Go pick on someone your own music level!

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