The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer & Sequencer.

The Voice of Saturn – Synth & Sequencer from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

Here is a video of my latest toys. The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer & Sequencer. They are from Curious Inventor and available as a kit or pre-built. I’ve been able to also control the synth using my Kenton Pro-2000. I’ve also been able to lock the Saturn Sequencer to Ableton Live also using the Kenton Pro-2000.

Loosely based on the Atari Punk Console with some custom tweaks and an LFO front end, this box makes a ridiculous amount of different sounds (mp3 coming soon), all from three 555s. (synth) –

This is a 10 step analog sequencer, which basically steps through 10 different voltage levels that are set by the black knobs. The output control voltage and trigger signals are typically used to control pitch, filters, drum triggers and an endless number of other parameters on other synths. (sequencer) –

There not too much for me to say other than these are great, cheap, dirty and fun. What more do you want?


  1. I never really saw the point of a ten step sequencer, unless you have decimalised your music system.
    Sixteen is more the minimum number of steps for me.


  2. For EBM I like 6 steps and for techno 4… I never seem to go past that!


  3. I think I’ll wait around for the Chimera SM16


  4. Oliver,
    after watching the videos I went there and ordered both to assembly myself. can’t wait. sounds great.
    always a great job in your site and your music, man!


  5. Cool. These DIY kits remind me of my early work in the mid 1980’s where I used to design and build my music equipment myself. Warmly remember those 555 chips, levers, LEDs, knobs and the unique smell of a hot soldering iron from back then :-) It’s good to see some things never change (as opposed to software).


  6. Hey Oliver, have you tried using the CV ins on the VoS synth with a midi-cv converter? Just wondering how well it tracks over how many octaves.


  7. Hi Lee. Yes I used the CV ins and they do work.. I wouldn’t say it’s accurate but for some sloppy messy, wobble weirdness yet with some “notes” to the sound it’s good.


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