Get ready for the iPhone music app offensive!

By the end of today Steve Jobs will most likely announced newer, better, cheaper iPhones. In addition to the hardware the iPhone application store will launch. Being a gorgeous hand held device with a touch screen makes it perfect for music software. I suspect over the next few months we will see dozens of touch screen sequencers, synths and drum machines. Will we see any power players like Ableton jump on board early on? I doubt it but you never know.

Today a company called Intua announced BeatMaker (what a unique name!) which will be one of the first “for sale” apps. It’s a “Sampler Interface” which leads me to believe it can’t sample via the iPhone yet but I could be wrong. BeatMaker is also a sequencer and has eq, delay and bit crushing capabilities. Here’s a screenshot:

Another music app for the iPhone ready to launch is Moo-Cow-Music’s “Band” (oh god another great named app!), This has a virtual band of drums, bass, guitars and keyboards ready to play. The key feature of course is, “Multitouch – press up to five keys at once for complex chords.”. Here’s a video of “Band” in action:

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2 thoughts on “Get ready for the iPhone music app offensive!”

  1. iPhone music apps are a very exciting prospect! If players like Ableton jumped on board then I’m sure they could come up with something revolutionary.
    I believe there is a market in electro bands that rely on backing tracks but don’t want to tour with a laptop. I don’t think some cheesy beat-maker or micro-composer is anything more than a novelty, but a practical application that boosted the iPhone/Pod beyond a simple stereo playback device by including basic Ableton-type functions would be a hit!

  2. iPhone could be a great midi controller ! Wait and see, maybe the iPhone is going to be our futur pocket mixer and recording studio…

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