Vermona DRM1 MKIII audio, video, review.

Vermona DRM1 MKIII – Drum Machine from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

About two weeks ago I purchased a brand new Vermona DRM1 MKIII from Schnieders Buero in Berlin. I’ve had some time to play with it and am ready to report to you. These things are in demand and back ordered. It took almost three weeks for Vermona to deliver my DRM1 to Herr Schnieder. There is a good reason why: these sound smashing!

There is nothing like the Vermona DRM1. It is a fully analog drum machine done right. The super fast attack time on the kick and snare make them snap and crack in a way that will make you say “YES THIS IS IT!”. The hi hats are so smooth, bright and shimmer without any EQ needed. The DRM1 has a real spring reverb built into it and when turned up on the clap and snare channels the clock turns back to 1980. There’s are also multiple extra drum channels for lazer zaps or toms which can be manipulated to the extreme with FM. If I had to describe it’s overall tone in one word I would say: chrome!

It uses standard midi but you can not record knob changes into your DAW. You will need to put your hands on the controls, start recording it as audio and capture your movements in real time. You can’t save presets. Thank god for that. The main point of all those knobs is to focus in on each song your doing and tune each sound, the hi hat decay level, the snap of the kick. There is a pan control for each sound and individual outputs for each channel.

Vermona DRM1 MKIII. No effects or other sounds. Pure DRM1 (320kbps mp3):


The unit is metal and feels very well built. Vermona is from East Germany. The reason you buy something like this is the sound.

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28 thoughts on “Vermona DRM1 MKIII audio, video, review.”

  1. that thing sounds great, oliver!
    how much does one of those cost? they look expensive.
    also, how do you trigger it, is it all midi based? or there actual buttons on it?

  2. It’s about 550€. It’s MIDI but you can trigger it with a drum kit using trigger inputs which is an extra option you can add. There are buttons on top which you can hit just to trigger the sound while editing if your sequencer isn’t playing a loop.

  3. Sweet jesus that machine sounds awesome.. those high hats… they sound so sweet! Thanks for posting the unboxing video. It’s almost as good as having one… but only almost.

  4. jesus those hi-hats sound like liquid, very nice indeed – i think ill get one of those Mbase 01 things first though – just curious, but can the DRM MKIII do ‘heavier’ 909-style kicks? (or is it just that everytime I hear a 909 its so processed/wet? :p )

  5. It can do heavier kicks but they have an overtone to them. If your looking for massive thump style kicks ala more 909ish 100% get the Jomox Mbase. I’m so pleased I own both (and Drumazon/Nepheton/ADM, etc…). Now its really about the song, no exuses gear wise thats for sure! If I have time I will do a proper Mbase video too.

  6. cool thx – yeh ill get the MBase first anyway I think, although im probably either gonna get a Micron or a Blofeld next maybe…

    yeh I have to get Drumazon and Nepheton, I have Phoscyon and Devastor, and the sound quality of them bodes very well for the other two.

  7. Hum… i like the design, but i’m not with the sound. Too “thin” for the price. Sound analogic in a kind of way, but not so fat.

  8. Sounds like my old MAM ADX1 but better. Are you sure it’s got a spring reverb in it? I thought they just used filtered noise for the “reverb”.

  9. Oliver…thanks for the post about the Vermona drum machine. Also, thanks for the great footage of JoMoX HQ you posted a little while back. I have a beige Mbase and am a huge fan, but am very interested in this piece. You still use the Mbase for your kicks though, correct? I like the idea of an analogue drum machine w/real time editing features w/o an internal sequencer. Cheers!

  10. This machine sounds perfect for producign the kinda minimal that’s xoming out of Germany at the moment….it must be a m_nus label requirement or something ;-)
    It’s just plain wierd but I vant von!

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