Quick tip: Loop to selection Ableton Live shortcut.

In any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) an important keyboard shortcut to learn is “Loop to Selection”. In Ableton Live’s Arrangement view select a clip you want to have looping and hit Command-L. The Loop Brace surrounds the clip and Looping is turned on. Command-L also works inside Clip View. Hitting Command-L will work on selected Midi notes or audio waveforms.

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6 thoughts on “Quick tip: Loop to selection Ableton Live shortcut.”

  1. Hi Jeffery. Yes totally although sometimes I forget to use it and set the Loop Braces and hit the Loop button. I will admit I wanted to get a post up before I went to Amsterdam on Friday so I shot out the first thing I was doing in Live that day :)

  2. Always a handy shortcut :)
    In Cubase it’s the / key. I’m using a nice VAIO laptop for production atm, so on PC laptops in order to use the “numpad” keys, you have to hit the Numpad button. Of course, when you try and type, half of the keyboard outputs numbers, but for shortcuts in Cubase it’s essential. (M/0 = Stop, J/1 = Left Indicator, etc)

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