Genre jumping can be a good strategy.

I don’t let the press pigeon hole my music career into any specific genre. I’ve created all sorts of electronic music ranging all the way from minimal to hardcore. About 90% of my music has my own vocals on it and I like to feel I have my own style whatever the tempo or loudness of the kick drum. In fact, if you’ve been making electronic dance records for more than five years it’s almost certain you also genre jumped to stay relevant. Some people think its a difficult thing to get accepted in a new group or scene but I know the trick: Make great music!

Another good reason to learn how to make a song that fits in another genre is you that become a better producer. Many genre’s rely on certain production techniques or styles. For minimal you better know how to use swing effectively. For EBM get a hardware sequencer and set it to 6 steps. You want to make Ed Banger style tracks? You better learn how to sidechain. Trance? An arpeggiator is your best friend. As time goes on you will use all these techniques together. I would go as far as saying that when new technology is released to the masses new music genres are formed around them.

So besides learning new things you also open yourself up to more people. If your only making swedish black metal your fan base will maybe only ever be 10,000. You also get to work with more producers. My latest release Gigabytes Numbers was remixed by Tony Rohr. He’s a top producer who I would have never met if I didn’t let Miro convince me to try out some minimal stuff. I want to be the band that sounds like The Horrorist.

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"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to:

5 thoughts on “Genre jumping can be a good strategy.”

  1. Flexibility and creativity go hand in hand, and working in a new style or with unfamiliar stylistic elements can be like jamming with someone new… the possibilities require a mature approach and openness that are often lost when rehashing the familiar.

    Great point.

  2. heya
    acctually i bought Tony Rohr’s remix on beatport.
    it has some amazin kicks :) and your “subtracted/added” vocals just sounds right on them.
    i hope soon i will play in a party where i will find it appropriate to put it on.
    i haven’t bought any of your tracks unfortunately, but i know that at some point you will release something i will buy :D

  3. Thanks Yermo… even grabbing Rohr’s remix is like buying one of mine so its much appreciated. Your a good example of a reason for producers to try different styles. Through a remixer you get to know a new act, etc…

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