TAL U-NO-62 is a free Roland Juno 60 emulation.

I once owned a Roland Juno 60. It’s a great synth and certainly has the classic Roland sound. The guys at Togu Audio Line (TAL) released the U-NO-60 a few years ago and have been updating thier emulation often. The 62 brings us even closer to the original.

The U-NO-60 vst plugin is a polyphonic virtual analogue synth with a unique filter sound. An original JUNO 60 is used as reference for the oscillators and filters. Like the original, the plugin is capable of self-resonance and thus could be used to some degree as a tone generator. The filter section also features controls for envelope amount and polarity, LFO modulation and keyboard tracking. In addition, a non-resonant highpass filter is provided to thin out lower frequencies. – kunz.corrupt.ch

It’s free and Mac/PC compatible so go and try it out: click here

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2 Responses to “TAL U-NO-62 is a free Roland Juno 60 emulation.”

  1. baphomet_irl says:

    TAL plugins are great, they’re SH-101 emulation is cool too, as is their mfilter, TAL, Jason Broeebart and Delamancha are probably my favourite freeware VST makers

  2. baphomet_irl says:

    TAL’s chorus effect (which is basically taken from the U-NO-62) is very good sounding and extremely un-CPU hungry…

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