Label your power supplies and save yourself money.

Today I decided to hook up my Digitech Talker. I took it off the shelf and realized the power supply was missing. I have a huge box of cables and adapters that goes back to the days of Scuzzy connections! So in I went diving into the past searching through countless power bricks. Then I found the one you see pictured above. Hey it’s labeled “Digitech Guitar Talker”! Hallelujah! So thats the tip of the day: Label your power bricks.

Many electronics manufacturer use OEM power supplies which means they are not labeled with the manufacturer’s name or logo.

Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, is an ambiguous and abstruse phrase that refers to containment-based re-branding, where a company uses a component of another company in its product, or sells the product of another company under its own brand. OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. –

Never use the wrong power supply or risk your drum machine or synth getting fried. By the way the Talker sounds amazing.

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4 thoughts on “Label your power supplies and save yourself money.”

  1. apparently that Talker was used as the “Cher” effect and not Auto-Tune which is what everyone believes. you can get labeling machines for about $30-40 these days at staples.

  2. Hi Mr. Tunes. Yes 100% used by Cher… I hate the fact everyone thinks it was Autotune. The Digitech Talker is pretty great sounding. If you can find one on eBay go for it.

  3. Sharpie makes metallic markers that work GREAT for this. They mark in silver and are easy to read on black. I tagged all of my wall warts.

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