Set a start up Template in Ableton Live to save time.

Whenever I start a new song I like the tempo to be 123bpm and have a 4/4 kick drum going. I also always like to have Reason ReWired into Live. Instead of loading Live and setting these things up each time I did it once then opened the Live Preferences and under the File Folder tab clicked “Save Current Set as Template”. Now each time I launch Live I am ready to go with the things I like pre-set.

Use the File/Folder Preferences’ Template Save button to save the current Live Set as a template. Live will use these settings as the initialized, default state for new Live Sets. You can use this to pre-congure:

• Your multichannel input/output setup.
• Preset devices, like EQs and Compressors, in every track.
• Computer key mappings.
• MIDI mappings.

The template Live Set, Template.als, is located in Live’s Preferences folder and can becopied or deleted from there. The easiest way to locate this folder is to search your disk for Template.als. – Ableton Live User Manual

Some other DAWs such as Cubase allow multiple start up templates. Whats your start up template?

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10 thoughts on “Set a start up Template in Ableton Live to save time.”

  1. I actually like the ritual of setting up tracks (in Cubase), even if I do always follow the same regime of setting up the folders, setting the BPM, creating a MIDI track and creating a Halion instance. Because I work on music best first thing in the morning, it allows a bit of extra time for the caffeine to kick in, and gives a little time for the analogue to warm up :)

  2. I have a similar setup in Logic complete with pre-allocated tracks for rewired Reason and Live. Now that I think of it, i wonder if i could use Automator to script opening all three.

  3. I was so excited when I discovered this. I keep an impulse loaded with a couple acoustic drums and a couple electronic, and another track with a piano VST. I can jump in and set up a beat and melody in seconds.

  4. I always have one track with a silent straight 4/4 909 kick as a silent track and have a TC sidechainer in it, so I suppose I should make a template of that.

  5. btw, does anyone know how to make Ableton open the last edited file automatically? or is it possible?


  6. Does anybody know how to recover the original clean startup template? I saved over mine with some junk I was playing around with.

  7. Yeah delete all your tracks and create a new midi or audio track then click save template. It will clear everything.

  8. You can set up multiple templates using Live’s Library. Select it in the browser and find the Templates folder. You will find a number of templates already created by Ableton. I decided to move these into separate folder within Templates and create my own custom folder. You can save into this folder directly or drag tracks directly from within Live’s session view, automatically saving those tracks for various tasks to use later.

    You can find the folder here:
    (or wherever else you decided to store your library)

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