Propellerhead Software has a new website.

Although I give Ableton Live the most love on this blog I almost always have Reason loaded and ReWired into Live. I never liked the old Propellerhead website. The forums had an annoying threaded view and the entire site was locked into a cramped narrow width. Happily, the new site fixes many issues and it looks great too.

I’m not going to give a long review of Reason here because it’s been done in detail by many other publications. Here are just a few “reasons” I like the software:

Scream – This distortion unit has a unique sound. It’s a different color than Izotope Trash or Ohm Force’s Predatohm or Ohmicide. It squawks and squelches in an awesome musical way. I’d own Reason just for the Scream device.

NN-19 – What? An old sample playback device? It reminds me of my old beloved Akai-S950. Somehow it even sounds like it. I managed to collect a NN-19 library of old school samples like Choirs or One Shots with glorious mixing board noise behind them. This device has a real 12 bit EMU filter vibe to it. You can even do some 90s style time stretching with it!

ReGroove Mixer – This thing is super! For years in electronic music the style was the locked machine grid sound. Then shuffle became the rage. The ReGroove device unleashes shuffle; it gives you unlimited shuffle “grooves”. Yes, we had Groove templates as far back has Cubase VST but nothing has slick and usable as ReGroove. It also has some of the famous MPC grooves as presets. This is the best new feature in Reason 4.0.

I could go on but since there is a demo you should just go check it out yourself. I suggest you just go an buy it: click here

So what’s your favorite part of Reason? Or do you think it’s just a toy?

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7 thoughts on “Propellerhead Software has a new website.”

  1. I love reason because it is so stable and reliable and that slight amount of lag and distortion clickiness which we all get used to with VSTs just isnt there.

    It uses so little CPU also, in fact Im gonna do a little test with my next ‘song’, Im pretty sure that in a lot of cases, a rewired Thor (or even a complicated Combinator) will use less CPU than a lot of VST synths (certainly less than comparably complex ones such as Massive or Absynth)

    I also think its interface encourages more rigid ‘techno’ / 4-4 type song creation, which I think is a good thing a lot of the time.

    Rebirth is also a great bonus for buying Reason

    There does seem to be a kind of snobbery towards Reason in general, which I cant understand as I think it sounds very good when used correctly…

    Having said that, the lack of VST support makes it difficult for me to ONLY use it, but at the same time many of the benefits of Reason probably stem from Propellerheads sticking to their guns on that one.

  2. i used to do all my tracks in Reason until i discovered Live. Now i use it for specific tasks/sounds.
    i think Thor do have alot of possibilities and it sounds good. i used it for a few tracks and i think it’s a great synth.

  3. I used to use Reason (2) ReWired into Cubase. The main reasons being for the Redrum Computer (which is no better featured than any other sampler other than that it has a cool interface and is easily routable) and the couple of extra synths, especially the graintable one.
    I stopped using it because I simply used it too much and recognised the “reason sound” in an album I did. That was a couple of albums ago though so it could be time to go back to it. The other reason I stopped is that at that point you couldn’t apply VST effects to Reason channels when you had them ReWired. I have a feeling that’s been fixed in recent versions though (??).

  4. I totally agree. I’m getting more and more convinced that Live is the better foundation and sequencer, but I’m getting fonder of some Reason parts by the day. There are some really good tweakable synths for getting original sounds, but my total favourite is the Dr Rex loop player in combination with ReCycle!

    Such a smooth way to add samples, get them to adjust to the wished bpm and play arond with them, split them up, cut them up, change small part independently etc. Not that I have that muh experience from other software, but that’ll keep me using Reason, at least in the side, for a while!

    Just wish they’d open up for third party components though, growing tired of the limited sets of effects…

  5. I am ashamed to admit that some of the reason i am so fond of reason is due to the Propellerheads corporate image (or lack thereof)and how close the company is to the user-base. Functionally, Reason is my “chemistry” lab and i spend a lot of my time in there setting up novel modulation configurations. Between Reason and the WayOutware Arp 2600 I think I have all the sound design tools I could imagine.

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