Duran Duran cover Kraftwerk’s Showroom Dummies.

I have a general rule that states: If a song is great don’t do a cover version. Duran Duran broke my rule and I am glad they did so. I love this version of one of my favorite tracks Showroom Dummies by Kraftwerk. I’m surprised they pull it off so well live too. Later in the same live show they perform a cover of Warm Leatherette by The Normal.

via sequencer.de

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2 thoughts on “Duran Duran cover Kraftwerk’s Showroom Dummies.”

  1. well it’s a hell of a lot better than Coldplay’s shitty ‘cover version’ of Computer Love anyway

    no in all seriousness that does sound pretty good tbh (Duran Duran, not Coldplay)

  2. C’mon guys…really? It’s cool how they keep the mode up but really, it’s not totally awesome like Christian Slater gleaming the cube, put Duran Duran in drag and have them cover One Night in NYC, that’s progress.

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