The record label and artist schwag has arrived.

Do you remember my post titled “Give away free stickers and rock buttons at shows!“? I took my own advice and re-ordered some stickers and rockpins for my record label. Here’s two photos of how they look. This specific schwag comes from and I will be chucking this stuff out at the next bunch of live shows I do. I can report satisfaction with both orders.

Remember to save a few for the promoter who booked you, the sound guy and your driver. Also it doesn’t hurt to put a few pins on some nice looking ladies. If the club is ok with stickers plastered all over it like CBGBs be sure to go to town!

By the way, I will make some Wire to the Ear merchandise later this year!

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Oliver Chesler

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2 thoughts on “The record label and artist schwag has arrived.”

  1. Oliver

    Nice looking schwag. I like how your image works as an icon.

    I’ll tell you what else looks great on the fine looking ladies – custom American Apparel T-Shirts.

    They’re used to people giving out crap t-shirt schwag, so when they get a shirt that actually fits and looks good, they love it!

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