The record label and artist schwag has arrived.

Do you remember my post titled “Give away free stickers and rock buttons at shows!“? I took my own advice and re-ordered some stickers and rockpins for my record label. Here’s two photos of how they look. This specific schwag comes from and I will be chucking this stuff out at the next bunch of live shows I do. I can report satisfaction with both orders.

Remember to save a few for the promoter who booked you, the sound guy and your driver. Also it doesn’t hurt to put a few pins on some nice looking ladies. If the club is ok with stickers plastered all over it like CBGBs be sure to go to town!

By the way, I will make some Wire to the Ear merchandise later this year!


  1. Oliver

    Nice looking schwag. I like how your image works as an icon.

    I’ll tell you what else looks great on the fine looking ladies – custom American Apparel T-Shirts.

    They’re used to people giving out crap t-shirt schwag, so when they get a shirt that actually fits and looks good, they love it!


  2. Hi James, thanks! We have some shirts available from different sources. Out of Line the label that releases the The Horrorist CDs sells some men’s Tee’s. I use to make an assortment of stuff including Womens T’s on American Apparel stock. They use flock printing which comes out pretty nice. Check it out:


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