is a place you can download techno sets.

No one likes a fat rock star. Because of that fact I hit the gym about five times a week. I do thirty minutes of weight training and thirty cardio. Sometimes I run on the treadmill and sometimes I do the dam elliptical trainer. So I do I keep from going mind numbingly bored? How do I keep myself motivated? I have an endless supply of new DJ sets.

Almost every day you can find a new mix posted at The obvious disclaimer here is that more likely than not this is not a legit site. I doubt any proper permission or licensing has been sorted out for these to be available. That said I am always happy when my own live sets show up on filesharing sites. In the end it just gets me more bookings. I personally have bought quite a few tracks on Beatport that I discovered while listening to DJ sets.

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6 thoughts on “ is a place you can download techno sets.”

  1. Hi Stef. You can find more genre’s than trance at I always grab Dave Clarke’s White Noise there. Thanks for your links too… I knew about but not the link.

  2. I also saw the Dave Clarke set, but if you’re used to and, you’re kinds spoiled I guess compared to

  3. In the electro page I only see electro house. People gotta stop calling deadmau5, acquaviva, robert babicz for electro. that annoys me. Dopplereffekt, AUX 88, Egyptian Lover that´s electro.

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