This is a great Ableton Live keyboard shortcut.

Here is an Ableton Live keyboard shortcut most people don’t know or use. Once you learn it you will use it all the time. In either Session or Arrange view hit COMMAND-OPTION-L. This toggles Clip View on and off giving either your mixer or arrangement more space.

Great no?

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6 thoughts on “This is a great Ableton Live keyboard shortcut.”

  1. I actually put in a request at the renoise forums to make it more happy with reason and ableton linking — of course, in the tradition of my complaints, it was an angry, rage filled request akin to screaming at your dad about why he didn’t place $20 in an interest bearing account when you were born.

  2. Yes,really useful ,on PCs we do it with SHIFT+F12,and pressin’ F12 alone gives you a fast toggle between Clip View and Devices…

    Great site you do here!

  3. i hate that you cant change all inputs and outputs on all tracks simeltaneously in a sequencial way….do to all…do to all sequentially……how hard is it for abelton to have that basic timesaving feature ? its a pain to do them all individually…

    protools all the way….

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