1. Supa great :o)
    Already a favourite


  2. nice tip!

    ps. really love your website!!!!


  3. I actually put in a request at the renoise forums to make it more happy with reason and ableton linking — of course, in the tradition of my complaints, it was an angry, rage filled request akin to screaming at your dad about why he didn’t place $20 in an interest bearing account when you were born.


  4. Yes,really useful ,on PCs we do it with SHIFT+F12,and pressin’ F12 alone gives you a fast toggle between Clip View and Devices…

    Great site you do here!


  5. i hate that you cant change all inputs and outputs on all tracks simeltaneously in a sequencial way….do to all…do to all sequentially……how hard is it for abelton to have that basic timesaving feature ? its a pain to do them all individually…

    protools all the way….


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