What color would you like your new Leipzig-k?

Do you remember this post about the new Leipzig rack mount synthesizer from Analog Solutions? Well first off that synth is now shipping and some tasty audio samples are online including this one:

According to the Analog Solutions website there will be a keyboard version coming soon. If you prepay you can choose your own limited edition color. I’ll take mine in white and pink with blue leds.

LEIPZIG-k … coming soon. Keyboard Leipzig with extra functions, like 2nd LFO, LCD editing (of MIDI setup), CV/Gate/CV2 inputs & outputs on rear panel, and more! (Above) is first prototype metalwork, the wooden side panels are missing! Production model will be BLACK, but if you prepay you I might give you a choice of limited edition coloured editions! Contact me if you are interested. Expect the price to be around £799 exc. VAT and delivery. – www.analoguesolutions.com

I am beginning to wonder if there are now more new hardware synths being manufactured new than ever before. Of course I want them all.


  1. Oddly enough while reading through matrix and music thing I was thinking that there was an awful lot of synths being made these days. More so possibly than in the past. What I am most excited about is that there are companies out there making synths that are NOT x0x clones.

    Just think, 20 years from now maybe all of these small synth companies will be famous for their gear like Roland, Korg and Moog are today.

    As for the Leipzig, Id get one in either white or a light blue.


  2. I propably like this raw metal finishing most. :D Brushed aluminium should be one option!


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