My top 5 albums of all time in Storm Magazine.

There is a new magazine that just launched in Germany which covers alternative music and style called Storm. For the debut issue they asked me to write my top five albums of all time and a blurb on why I think each album is so great. I posted this on my record label’s blog too but I thought it would be interesting to you guys here also.

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4 thoughts on “My top 5 albums of all time in Storm Magazine.”

  1. while revisiting the front 242 and the nitzer ebb, the connection to NIN becomes pretty clear… there is so much in pretty hate machine and his later albums that have their aural roots in those sounds of 1987 industrial dystopia…

    i’ve also always been fascinated with richie hawtin’s use of 242 and nitzer ebb on his first ‘decks, EFX and 909’ album. it’s interesting to hear that stuff blended w/ people like jeff mills and stewart walker…


  2. Front 242 are class – the bass for Headhunter 1.0 is just so perfect
    Religion is a great song too, as indeed are the brilliant Prodigy remixes

    I unashamedly love pretty much all of Willie Nelson’s post the early period where he had short hair and was trotting out love songs at the record company’s bequest (althogh they aint too bad either). I like pretty much all the ‘Outlaw’ country singers though. I’ve seen Willie Nelson in concert 3 times and he is just amazing, although his ‘unusual’ phraseing can almost get tiresome, but you can forgive as he performs so much he has to make the songs a bit different for his own sanity. ‘Funny How Time Slips Away’ is a beautiful song (and Elvis’ version (particularly from Afternoon In The Garden)) us pretty good too…

  3. feel like i owe you an apology for stereotyping, would never have guessed you’d have a Grandaddy lp in your top five.

    Awesome band though (now defunct?), personally think they were the only band to ever get the indie guitar / electronics mix consistently right.

  4. Hi Gary. No apology needed heh. As much as I love electronic music/ebm I really just search out good songs. In general slow and sad is my favorite stuff. Yeah its too bad Grandaddy are gone now. I’m sure the lead singer will show up doing something great again.

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